Company Profile

REEB CREATION (ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR TEXTILE, APPAREL SOURCING IN ASIA) Reeb Creation is pioneer in the sourcing industry due to its unique structure, systematically created to facilitate both Buyers & Manufacturers. Reeb Creation has its own workshop where 2 collections of each season are made as per up to the trendy fashion and fits and presented to the valued buyers. It always help them to make their decision quickly and reduce their cost. All the technical work moniter and maintained at Reeb Creation which eventually the reduce production time for supplier. Reeb Creation provides a maximum convenience to the global textile community by opening up a gateway to cut down thier cost, effectively reach and utilize remote textile resources in any part of the world. Reeb Creation has currently implemented this model for its European and American textile and apparel clientele for the region of Pakistan. To locate a suitable factory often requires enormous effort due to the constantly changing variables such, political climate, currency rates and the cost of raw materials. A business environment demands efficiency and global reach; therefore, it is imperative to have maximum output in minimum optimal time. Our team provides full transparency throughout the production and transportation process, ensuring that the information is correct and timely. More importantly, Reeb Creation does not take the human element out of the equation. Reeb Creation employs world-class Quality Assurance team to ensure that the production is completed on time and to the required standards. Reeb Creation increases a factory's exposure to the buying community. It provides them a venue where they can participate / bid on production programs to which they may never have had access in the past. Prior to bidding on production programs, Reeb Creation conducts site visits and evaluations to ensure that all factories in its network are certified and are maintaining highest quality. These evaluations are carried out on a seasonal basis. In case, a supplier does not qualify the Reeb Creation’ standards it is taken off the supplier matrix. Reeb Creation allows suppliers to; Increase market access to buyers through proxy presence to alien marketplace.

Create trust with buyers through evaluation and third-party certification
Standardize documents throughout the sourcing process.
Ensure high product quality by using internationally accepted quality systems .
Plan and monitor logistics.
Ensure customs compliance.

Work Flow Introduction:

Clarity has been achieved by dividing the process in clearly defined stages within the sourcing cycle. These stages are benchmarked to achieve specific goals within distinct time frames for efficient and seamless integration. The role of each department for different stages is specifically designed for simplifying the process.

Inquiry Management (Request for Quote)
Inquiry to price & shipment date finalization
STAGE 2: Prototype Management
First prototype to style finalization
STAGE 3: Sample Management
STAGE 4: Production Management
Trim & fabric approval to final inspection
STAGE 5: Logistical Management
From factory to the port of destination